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Looking for someone to help you with your pets? Do you have a relative who is too old to take care of their pets in the winter?

Let us help you and your family with all of your little friends. We can provide professional, licensed, and experienced pet care and service.

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Pet Waste Removal Service

Here’s the Scoop:
Millions of people dream about having a pet. A pet can become a best friend in an instant. But having a pet comes with some gross, not-so-fun responsibilities. The #2 Company, Pet Chores, is here to help! Luckily for us humans the toilet was invented but dogs and other pets don’t have it this easy.
How many times have you caught yourself cleaning up after your dog and wonder how much would you love to just pay someone to do this for you? Well now your wonder can be turned into reality!
Maybe you have a busy life outside of work, family, friends, extracurricular activities, shopping, doctor appointments, and whatever else you do. The #2 Company, Pet Chores, can allow you more time to do all those things. Now you don’t have to worry about the ever-so-much-fun task of picking up your four legged friend’s poop. Let us make sure your yard is nice and fresh for walking (even barefoot) through! We can guarantee your lawn is safe and clean enough for you and your friends and family (not just your dog) to enjoy!

Here’s what we can do for you:
• Every pet and every yard is different, so we offer a variety of service plans so we can fully meet your needs. If you need us one time only or one to three times a week we got your lawn covered.
• While you are enjoying life we will do a thorough walk thru of your yard, removing any and all waste found for an affordable price.
• As we are walking around your property we will gladly pick up any trash found on your lot.
• Although we are not a full lawn care service we will happily pick up small sticks and twigs for a small fee. This will assure your pup won’t choke and/or consume any unwanted sticks in their system.
• We will re-fill any outside water bowls so no pup goes dehydrated.
• Using your hose we will hose off your deck and/or patio if your pup decides to do his/her business there.
• We will double bag the waste and place it in your outside trash or take it with us.
• Our scooping tools are disinfected between every job to eliminate the possibility of spreading parasites and diseases.
• All pets other than dogs and cats please call 570-871-0627 for a free estimate