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Looking for someone to help you with your pets? Do you have a relative who is too old to take care of their pets in the winter?

Let us help you and your family with all of your little friends. We can provide professional, licensed, and experienced pet care and service.

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Pet Sitting

Pet Chores offers multiple pet sitting options. If you are away for a long weekend and need someone to check in 2 or 3 times a day. If you are running late at work and don’t think you will make it home in time to let Rover out. Or if Max is very anxious when left alone and you need someone to stay with him overnight.
Maybe your pet does not get along with other animals and you’re too afraid to board him/her. Don’t let those sad eyes haunt you as you’re driving away from the kennel you just left your precious beloved pet at. Few animals can handle being left at kennels, but many (including owners) do not like it.
Some animals have to be tranquilized when boarded and some pets are traumatized by the whole experience. Don’t worry about the welfare of your animals. Using our services, you can leave your pet in its own safe, secure, familiar environment.
Think about it. Your pet gets up at the exact same time every day, reminds you to feed them at the exact same time every day, eats the same food, sleeps in the same bed, gets the same treats, take their medications at the same time and enjoys the same bark or meow at the mailman every day. Your pets are forces of habit. Don’t change their habit if you don’t have to.
You don’t have to be inconvenienced by having to transport your pet to and from the kennel. Sometimes this can take a few hours out of your vacation time. When staying in the safety of your home, pets are not exposed to any illnesses other animals may carry. Or even worse, encounter an animal with not so nice tendencies.
Pet Sitting provides individual attention from someone who fully cares about the well being of your pet and is not distracted with taking care of numerous amounts of animals all with different contact information and specific instructions.
More Benefits with Hiring a Pet Sitter:
You don’t have to impose on a friend or neighbor. No fear of a neighborhood kid bringing the whole entire neighborhood over. If something negative happens, your pet becomes ill or something breaks, you don’t have to worry about dampering any friendships.
Pet Chores is fully insured and bonded, so you don’t have to worry if anything does accidentally happen. A pet sitter not only keeps an eye on your beloved pet, but also on your home. We bring in the mail, open and close curtains, have a car in your driveway, make your house looked lived in to deter any possible crime/burglary that might occur if none of this was happening. We can also water plants and take out your trash.